Ventilation and Inertial Air Filters

Parker Farr supplies a wide range of air filters for both transit car and locomotive applications. Panel filters and moisture separators provide clean cooling and ventilating air for transit car and locomotive equipment. Panel filters are also used to clean the air for transit car passengers. Parker Farr Inertial Air Cleaners (Dynavanes and Monoclones) provide clean air for locomotives and can be designed to fit a wide range of size and capacity requirements.



Engine Air Filters

Parker Farr offers both original equipment hardware and a full line of replacement air filters for the engine intake air for large diesel engines. Typical applications include locomotive, marine and stationary engine applications. The products range from oil bath filters to highly efficient pleated paper filters to long life bag type filters.


Compressor Air Filters

Parker Farr offers filter equipment for locomotive air compressor and other industrial equipment which requires clean intake air. These high velocity filter units are provided in large range of sizes and designed to withstand severe operating conditions.


Fuel and Lubricating Oil Filtration

As with Engine Air Filters, Parker Farr supplies both housings and replacement filter elements for the filtration of lube oil and fuel oil for large diesel engines. The Parker Farr Model 200, 400 and 400HE lube and fuel filter elements offer a variety of performance alternatives to fit various engines and ease maintenance requirements.


Wayside and Bulk Fuel Filter Systems

Parker Farr is a major supplier of Wayside Fuel Filter Systems for locomotive fueling installations. All filter tanks are designed to ASME standards and are built to withstand high pressures and provide reliable operation. Fuel filter elements are available in 5 and 10-micron efficiencies.


Water Tanks

All diesel locomotives use cooling system to reduce engine and lubricating oil temperature. In those systems a water reservoir, also knew as waster tank, is used to ensure that cooling system will always get water level required for proper operation.


Exhaust Products

Parker Farr offers a range of exhaust system components for both naturally aspirated and turbocharged EMD diesel engines. Products include turbocharged and spark arrestor manifolds, flex joints, gaskets and other miscellaneous hardware.