Railroad Filtration Since 1940

Our Railroad Products group manufactures a wide range of products for the rail and transit industries. For the rail industry this includes air and liquid filtration products and exhaust components for locomotives. In addition to these products we also supply HVAC filtration products for transit vehicles.

Parker Farr’s expertise in locomotive filtration products dates back to 1940 when we introduced oil impingement filters for engine intake air. These filters were eventually replaced with another Parker Farr innovation, the RC DynaCell filter. In the early 1990s Parker Farr introduced the Hybrid Bag filter, which enabled railroads to extend their bag filter maintenance interval.

Our railroad group provides complete engine air and liquid filtration solutions for locomotive, marine and stationary diesel engines ranging from 1000 to 6300 horsepower. Parker Farr provides the air and liquid filter elements as well as the original equipment housings.

Reducing Downtimes and Cost

Parker Farr’s filtration innovations are credited with helping to move the railroad industry to six-month service intervals, enabling railroads to reduce downtime, lower maintenance costs and extend locomotive service life to more than one million miles through enhanced protection of key components. These same products provide the same benefits to both marine and stationary diesel engines.

Parker Farr’s Railroad Products group also supplies products to the transit industry which provide fresh, clean, dry air to equipment and passengers, controls interior odors and discoloration due to airborne contaminants, and improves job cleanliness for service personnel. Other products shield electrical components from moisture damage, protects traction motors from overheating and perform other specialized functions.